Tiny Aquaman

This picture is a week or so old now, but i only got this blog type thing going as of 2 minutes ago so there will be old sketches and colour spreads being uploaded here for a while…unless i only torture you with my new scribbles. We’ll have to wait and see, though i’m pretty sure i’m too lazy to go hunting for images that i’m actually proud of hah.

Anyway, there is is a story to this one! My friends and i (well most of my friends) are huge lovers of all Marvel and DC characters (i dont join the “who’s better?!” battles because i like them both) and I have been labelled as Batman from DC and Captain Ameritara (only people on the inside know why) or Wolverine (< this would be my dad’s fault, something about being short and hairy with a bad temper…just kidding about the hairy part. Though i would really appreciate a beard for winter. might keep my chin and neck warmer than a scarf….); getting back on topic now, my sister was asking me who she would be and i said Aquaman cuz she likes to swim …. and eat fish? Apparently Aquaman is “lame” (which he isnt!) so she didnt roll with this right away, but as the persistently annoying older sister i am i just continued to call her Aquaman.  And that lead to me having this itch to draw him in a way where everyone would love him (even biker gang dudes!)

tiny aquaman                                                                                 **click the image to see the full size**

This is already on my DeviantArt page (which clinking the image will link you to) so anyone who follows me there will already be up to date on my recent stuffs.

I have a Batman&Superman (YES, BATMAN COMES BEFORE SUPERMAN!) image in the works (cough, not really…) and some new ideas for larger colour spreads (…still, not really).

ALL IN THE HOPES OF PRINTING MY OWN ARTBOOK! its till in the process but i’m hopefully…kinda.

the plan is to have one for the next otafest (anyone know what i’m talking about?) so we can test my luck (lol…my luck…pfffffft)




so yea, bye.


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