Hello Hello

wassup everyone? or everyone who actually reads (one of the only two) posts on my blog. there hasn’t really been any drawing activity for me lately since university has this way of scheduling everything to pile up in the last two weeks of the semester. Hopefully during break i can draw more. i found a ton of new sai brush settings that I really want to try out, so there should be more than one image on here when i get the time to draw.

for everyone and anyone who doesn’t really know me, i’m way to lazy to use caps when i should or punctuation of any kind. when i am using punctuation, i’m probably a little less than half asleep (lol). if this bothers you, i can try to put more effort into writing (when i actually write anything).

i really wanted to say thank you to Mytwosentences who was kind enough to like tiny aqua man!!

to see his page click his name 🙂

hope everyone is having a good week. time to finish this stupid business project!



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