Old Characters and Turtle Stuff

Hello hello!

i’m back again…apparently….and i have more stuff to tell of of yous! well the ones who want to waste their time reading all of this crap (lol).

To speed it up, since there actually isn’t that much to talk about, i found a bunch of paper, while going through another…giant bunch of paper….yea…only the people who are sent to find stuff at my art desk know the mountains that have started building there….anyway, they had some old characters on them from the days where i had time to doodle đŸ™‚

i wont show you the original because i cant remember where i put them…but i did end up redrawing them (one of them was a smoker, and i have no idea what possessed me to draw a cigarette…but he’s not longer a smoker so i guess it’s better now).

the first few pages i drew (on paper) i coloured  with my copic markers…which have been collecting dust for a while since i haven’t really had the time to sit down and use them. the pictures look ok. maybe i’ll put them up later

i did draw them digitally tho! i was testing out this brush setting for sai that mimics copic markers, and i actually really like it đŸ™‚

i decided to call it “turtle stuff” because in the dark and obscure place that is my mind, they were talking about turtles.

please forgive the really bad colouring….i forgot how to draw for a while and just recently got the mojo back.

has that happened to anyone before? it cant just be me….can it? though i wouldn’t be surprised if it was lolol.

other than that, the last two weeks have been tough since i’ve been going through an emotional roller coaster. the wooden ones that nobody likes. there have been a few bumps and i have narrowed down the group of people i can trust to be there for me even more. not so much a good thing, but at least there are people who are still willing to look after me while i’m unstable.

i don’t really wanna drag all of you into it, but i guess i can clarify a little. DEPRESSION SUCKS. IT MAKES YOU HATE PEOPLE YOU LOVE. AND IT SUCKS.

but i’ll get through it. there’s always that one person (not naming names!) who i can rely on.

Ok, no more depressing mushy sh!t.


das the end



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