Old picture, new post

hello hello! i managed to find some time to update this thing!

just some thoughts for today:

1) i want to change the blog layout and theme again….but i love the BG on this theme to let it go. aside from it being one of the many colours i cant stand, i really like it. the halloween looking town at the bottom matches my personality so well it was like it was made for me 🙂 (exaggeration disengaged)

but in all seriousness it looks pretty bad, and i’m getting bored with how it looks….

but i’m also HELLA LAZY so it probably wont happen any time soon lol

2) i want to go back to drawing comics. i used to draw 4 panels, then i went into one page comic style, then multi page comic style….and then i stopped. it got tooooooo crazy for me. but now i want to go back to it. probably just simple 4 panel stuffs. my days are pretty crazy so i thought i’d share them with you in comic form! which makes it better…maybe?



the picture takes you to the version that’s on my deviantart page. This image is on the KK Maru deviantart profile. it doesn’t have much on it, but that would be where our prints are sold (our being mine and kuma’s…although i drew anything she helps me come up with ideas and keeps me on track when we have a project to finish…like the artbook we’re still working on…)

i actually kinda like this one…there’s another one that goes with this one. this post will be hella long if i put it in this post…but oh well lolol most people don;t read all of my blabber i’m pretty sure so extra long post it is!

Kuroi tattoo 2

lolol yea all my characters are either really lame or badass and lame. sorry. i don’t think i’ll ever create a “good” character.

the dragon and the lion (think chinese guardian lion/dog thing) were painted by hand, and it took less time for both than i thought it would. the dragon one was drawn first (not sure if you can tell) and is probably my favourite of the two…mostly because it looks more glowy than the lion (but i had SOOO much fun painting the fire for the lion, and messing the luniation settings for both of them).

they turned out much better than i thought they were going to, and i’m kinda proud of them. but only kinda. there’s probably a lot that needs changing lolol

thanks for reading my really long post!


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