New image, and relearning how to use PSE

Hello hello! I’m back kinda and I have a new picture for you. I’m actually using proper capitalization and punctuation in this one (no, I’m not ill), I have to get back into writing properly…or typing properly so I thought this would be a good place to start 🙂

Anyway back to business! sorta kinda. A friend of mine started a Slack page for us so I haven’t been back here in a while. Sorry. I do have a new picture for my blog to make up for it tho! BAM!



There are two versions as of right now, the original is on the top and the 2nd copy is on the bottom (lol). I couldn’t tell if having the person larger looked better or not, so I only posted the original on my Deviantart page. Both will be on the gallery page for you though! I used Paint Tool Sai to do the blue BG and the person, and used PSE to do the stars. It was a major pain in the butt going back and forth, but it turned out better this way. It’s been forever since I’ve used PSE to do anything so I’m amazed it actually worked, and that I knew what I was doing (for the most part).

Winter semester (if anyone is familiar with terminology for university semesters) started last week so I’m just getting back into the flow of being a full time student again. It’s honestly not so bad since my schedule is the ugly child of the chill business-kid’s schedule and the chill math-kid’s schedule, which results in 5+ hour breaks that I cant spend drawing. I’ve been getting back into driving my sister to work on the weekends and lifting weights again, since according to my old records from Jr. High I’m only a third as strong now 😦  This leaves even less time to draw. BUT! I am still aiming to make a complete artbook some time this year so I can attempt to be at either OtaFest or Comicon sometime in the next 2 or so years. WISH ME LUCK!

I feel a lot better now than I did the last time I posted something, thank you to those who were wishing for my well being and praying for my sanity for the last few weeks. I appreciate it to no end 🙂

Good luck to everyone for the rest of the school year!


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