Reading week and line art

wassup wordpress?

midterms are over (for now) and its also reading week, so i actually have time to draw sorta!

i also just learned how to use the line art function in Sai properly lol. my lines look waaaaaaay cleaner now.

i guess there aren’t many other updates aside from that…my hair is purple now. i guess that’s something :3

Jimlook at those clean lines!! so proud of myself. took me an entire day to do this, even tho its a really simple character.  for being a “quick learner” Sai is hard for me to master lol

its supposed to have a transparent BG, hopefully it worked. i’m still a newbie when it comes to gifs and pngs and stuff like that.

i call him Jim….cuz i draw him a lot when i get angry cuz i’m stuck on uni homework…ya know? like “dammit jim” ah hah hah…

no? just me?


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