Should be more active now…”should be”

Hello hello!

how is everyone doing?? sorry to those who follow me, I’m not very quick to update or at least I WASN’T before. AND THANK YOU BEFORE I FORGET TO SAY THANK YOU! It means a lot that you like to look at my doodles šŸ™‚

so just an update for today (with bonus WIP shot lol), I have disabled my DeviantArt account so I’ll no longer be posting anything there. All of my work now should be going here, and hopefully this means I’ll be updating more often. Hopefully.

And also I fixed my laptop so now I actually can update hahahaha.

NOW FOR BONUS! it’s not done yet (obviously by the image viewer in the right hand corner lol) but hopefully it will be in the near future. It’s a redo of a sketch I did for a friend, now that I have Sai back I’m pretty sure I can do a better job than the original. I’m trying a different colouring style (again) so it might not be a good…or as bad as some of my other stuff…but we’ll see. I’ll let you know what she says when I show it to her šŸ™‚



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