Paint Tool Sai and Windows 10

Good afternoon everyone! (or good morning if it’s morning where you are)

So this post is obviously about the lovers quarrel between Paint Tool Sai (which I use for all my artwork) and Windows 10 (which just installed itself yesterday), resulting in Sai not opening about 20 minutes ago when I went to use it …plus check out win10 in detail. Turns out Sai doesn’t have the right compatibility to run with win10 off the get go, BUT there is a way to fix it!!

In your C drive (or wherever the parent program folder is for Sai) open the Sai program folder and right click on the exe file (the one with the sai logo) and click on trouble shoot compatibility. This will take a couple seconds, then a window will ask you if you want to run the program with the suggested compatibility settings. YES YOU DO! So click on that and it will ask you to test the program. If it works click next, and select “save compatibility settings”. Now sai will work on win10 🙂

That’s essentially my biggest news for today. I’m not super tech savvy…or anything savvy for that matter, so don’t laugh if this has already been fixed ages ago lol.

Now that it works I can get back to what I was gonna do earlier. DRAW STUFF!!

OH! Let me know if you guys have found anything cool about win10. I haven’t gotten to take it for a real test run yet, but so far it’s just kinda meh…tho I could be wrong lol.

Enjoy the rest of summer!!


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