Sorry for the ugly tutorial…

Hey all!

Sorry for the weird, half assed (can I say that here?) looking tutorial for faces. The editor I usually use to make my tutorial “pages” kept crapping out on me while I was trying to make it. I’m thinking that I’ll redo the tutorial so that it looks nicer, but I’m pretty busy again now so it might not happen for a while.

I really just wanted to say sorry for how it went from polished to … well… paint LOL

hmmmmm other than that I have nothing more to say…

OH! I’m refreshing my purple hair tomorrow (I think) with a new hair dye. The Vidal Sassoon thing…yea. I think the color was violet something. I don’t have the box beside me so I cant say for sure, but I know its purple. I’ve been using some semi permanent stuff (which I can’t remember the name of…seriously I am so bad with names sorry) but this one is supposed to be permanent and for dark hair. I’m not sure if it’ll really work or not but if it does great 🙂

NOW I’m out of things to say LOL.


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