definitely not going to have time to draw…

Hello hello!

So it’s back to uni for me for my final semester, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have NO time to draw anything…or at least almost not time. Doodles will probably be possible. very small plain kinda doodles.

For now all my “big” projects are on the back burner until I have a break or when I don’t have too many projects to worry about. I had a new painting type thing in the works and there isn’t too much left to do so maybe that will be up before it gets really busy. Other than that my colour spreads or super huge images wont be worked on any time soon. Sigh.

I guess that also means my tutorials will also be put on pause for a while.

To make up for my future in activeness (haha that doesn’t look like a real word) I’m going to try to put a doodle or two in all of my blog posts šŸ™‚

key word try

head meat


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