Kuro : updates art blog while in the middle of selling stuff for entrepreneurship class


i’ve been left by myself at the table we claimed for sales, sales being trying to get students to buy portable battery packs to charge their phones and stuff with for our entrepreneurship class (ie enti).

We only bought 23 so that we wouldnt go over the $100 limit, which was close to $80. But they’reselling faster than I thought they would lol.

I mean we havent hit our break even yet but thats in 2 more sales. I already told a coupl people that we would be here tomorrow too, but jow we might not be. I think we might raise the price tomrrow and see how it goes. That being said, we already promised 3 batteries to people who helped us get a tv ad on campus (they are paying for them, its not free, but we do have to supply them). That leaves us with 6 batteries lol. The colours arent that nice either…well. the green and the orange are nice. But the yellow. Its so …. strong. For lack of better words.

Nvm. 5 left. Just sold a green one.

Yup. I shoulda ordered more…..



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