I seriously hate group work…[rant]

…yea don’t read this if ranting annoys you or if you think most rants are stupid, because my rants are both (lol)

I HATE GROUP WORK! I don’t mind working in groups per say, so long as the people I have to work with are just as dedicated to the project as I am.

So far there has been no such luck. I’m either attracting all the wrong people when it’s time to make groups in a class where no one knows anyone else, or saying yes to the wrong people when I need a couple more to form a group (already containing people I knew from previous classes). Either way, my luck with groups sucks.

Out of the 5 classes I have (my last 5 classes thank cheese wiz), 4 of them have a major group project or group assignments. Even one of my finance classes. Yea, personal finance of all finance classes. And in these 4 class groups I only like 1. My business law group so far isn’t as irritating as all the other ones, that being said they still have time to piss me off.

Really, we haven’t actually started any of the group stuff for personal finance, but it’s coming up fast and so far the 2 people (of 5 including myself) that I can actually get a hold of are the 2 people I already knew, and know will work hard. But the other 2 that I haven’t seen in class for a while (a while being 3 weeks, so about 6 classes) I already know aren’t so smart. Or helpful. Or smart. I made the mistake of letting them join us even though I already knew what they were like. I’ll beat myself up for it later.

Honestly we’re already thinking of kicking them from the group, but it hasn’t officially happened yet.

The other groups (tourism marketing and Entrepreneurship no.2) I already hate. I swear there’s only one person from each of these groups that are actually useful to me (thank you Ruby and David). The rest of them are so fucking useless it isn’t even funny. At all. Even I’m not laughing.

They never show up on time, they don’t contribute anything worth while to the project, they cant be trusted to do anything. It’s so sad, since some of them are actually enrolled in the business school. BUSINESS KIDS ARE USELSS! (except for the kids majoring in finance and accounting, usually they are pretty on top of things)

When I tell all my business friends about the trouble I’m having with my groups (not on a personal level, but just problems with their ability to work hard) they all laugh since none of them have ever had these problems working with the other business kids in their class(es).

I’m seriously starting to think it’s a curse.

The only reason why I’m hating so hard on group work is because I had a group meeting with my Tourism marketing team, and it took us 3 hours to do what Ruby and I could have done if not more in 10 minutes. These kids are so stupid it’s ridiculous.

So essentially what started off as a great day, watching Mare-bear’s convocation, was ruined by this stupid group meeting with these stupid children. Yup.

PITTY ME!! Unless you know what I’m talking about, then you’re probably cursed too…


jk. you probably got it from me lol

Where was the unicorn-skateboard-guy to make my day better again????

more unicorn


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