Life is like a box of chocolates….

…you wish it was full of those alcoholic choclatates, but its just those chocolates with the colourful fillings that taste weird cuz they’ve been sitting out for too long, so all you taste is disappointment. AND DISAPPOINTMENT TASTES LIKE GROUP WORK! OR THE OTHER WAY AROUND! I’M NOT ENTIRELY SURE CUZ I’VE TURNED OFF MY BRAIN ALREADY!

Yea i need that box of alcohol filled chocolates….actually if someone could just toss a coupke bottles of champagne my way it would make up for the life that life has given me. I’m not picky when it comes to champagne πŸ™‚

seriously, i am soooooooooooooo happy that all of my group work stuff is over! So freaking happy!!! Most people woukd agree with me, prbly even the ones who were completely useless to me.

But now I’m done and I can finally sleep!! Omg! Its been several weeks of all nighters, and I definitely do not recommend!! I think tonight might be my first full 8 hrs of sleep on a weekday!! Gold star for me! β˜†

And now i can celebrate my victory indirectly by soending my long ass break with all the people i dont hate!! Yeeeeeessssssssssss!

…yea you seriously have no idea how happy i am right now. Just finished priting all the shit i need for class tmr (high fives if your last day of your last semester at uni too) and now I CAN BREATHE!






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