It’s that time of the year again

I just finished my Christmas shopping and HOLY LORD OF EGGPLANTS WAS IT BUSY! I know its 2 ish weeks til dooms day, so it kinda makes sense  but still. I don’t like shopping as it is, but the holiday season just makes it that much worse.

Also, this is the time for my annual battle with my arch ememy.


I hate wrapping paper, and wrapping paper hates me.

You know how you find this super cute wrapping paper, or a really good deal on an industrial pack (if pattern doesnt matter to you), but when you go to use it you’re 20 million times to strong to use it? You know what I mean? I cannot wrap a gift with ANY wrapping paper without pulling off a chunk from the end that can be seen by everyone. I swear it’s a curse or something. Maybe the wrapping paper gods hate me cuz I’m short…

I have this bad habit of being kinda sorta OCD about things like wrapping gifts (along with how the dishwasher is loaded, how the cutlery is put away, how much toilet paper hangs down over the roll…yea I’m the friend that turns the toilet paper around at friends’ houses because it’s wrong…cuz it is….yea I have a problem), so it really bugs me if I cant get the wrapping really tight around the giftor if you can see rips in the paper.

But, those who know me though very well that I have a problem with being “gentle”, and apparently wrapping paper isnt made of titanium so I always end up ripping off little pieces as I’m trying to wrap gifts or taking off the entire top half of what I just finished wrapping as I try to close up the other end. Yup. Wrapping paper. Stupid.

But if anyone cares this what it look like!! In the shape of what I think is supposed to be a hamster….




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