The Things I Still Remeber from Uni

K so I think I’ve pretty much gotten the point across that I’m finally done uni, so here’s what I still remember from uni (in order of whichever I remember first lol)

1. “Gah,  omg your crap lead” – san used my lead a couple of times cuz she ran out (darn mechanical pencils) and it kept breaking so it was labeled crap lead….but her’s did the same to me lol so there’s no winning

2. “Schrödinger’s san on the bus”- I usually took the bus with san and she was constantly missing it, even if it was late lol. Honestly it should be “yea, gonna miss bus” but I got one of these two replies whenever I asked if she was gonna make the bus hahaha

3. “Yolo forever”-final exams and san don’t mix. Neither apparently does studying but she still scrapes through in the end.

4. “I don’t want to make the friendship”- no one I know it too fond of group work, or working with other people in general, but whenever someone we didn’t know tried to be buddy buddy we (we being myself and Laura, the only two who verbed) always said that they were trying to make the friendship. I do a lot of verbing 🙂 it’ll catch. I know it will.

5. “What does that even say?”- lots of my profs had crap printing and I couldn’t read a thing hahaha. San, san, remember complex analysis? Which ones were v’s again?

6. “Recall this [insert math I’ve never seen before in my life]”- yea this happened a lot too. But only for certain profs was it legit stuff no one had seen yet because we took the prerequisite class with them and they never made it to that part.

7. “Are you taking this with bates?”-Dr. Bates was san and my complex analysis prof, (omg that prof) and we had an assignment question that we just couldn’t figure out for the life of us. So we took it to our SUPER AWESOME real analysis prof Dr. Hamilton, and he took one look at our assignment and the first thing he asks is “are you taking this with Dr. Bates?” We asked him how he knew, which leads me to the next point…

8. “I was a TA for Bates (a long time ago), I couldn’t help his students and I probably can’t help you either”-yup, he knew our pain. But he did end up helping us…

9. “I know this! It was my thesis!” – Hamilton did figure it out in the end 🙂 with no help at all from us

10. “Did you understand anything he just did?”- san and I would take turns asking each other this after complex analysis, usually neither of us actually knew.

11. “Thanks for carrying :)”- san would copy my assignments for real and complex analysis (minus anything to do with latex which I stole from her cuz no….just no) and she still got better marks than me hahaha. We were usually a couple marks from each other when it cames to quizzes, but there’s one assignment where she got a better mark than me and copied the ENTIRE assignment from me lol. She took out one sentence bc too lazy to write all the crap I did, and the one sentence caused circular reasoning in my assignment but not hers hahahaha. GDI.

12. “Senpai”- san always called me this whenever she wanted me to carry her through something, or if she wanted me to do something lol. 

13. “Send help”- there’s only 2 people who say this to me, san when she hasn’t studied for a quiz that day or hasn’t started an assignment due that day, and venk who just says this when he’s bored. San seems to have more need for all this help I can’t send.

14. “Kill me”-another typical response of san to studying, especially for quizzes, where she has no idea what she’s doing (even though she really does)

15. “If you don’t get something taught in class, look in the text….”-yea, Nicholson (I think that’s how you spell his name) WROTE the text he used for his class. Good luck understanding the text any better than his lectures. 

16. “RTFQ”-read the fffffffffull question. I’m pretty sure it was read the fucking questions, but Larry always said full. 

17. “Jiggle, jiggle, breaks”- san referred to herself as tofu whenever I wanted her to work out with me at the gym. Yup. Tofu.

18. “The perfect spot”-is what I said after the table san and I sat at in real analysis 2 got moved. It was the only table at the back right between the 2 rows of tables in the room. I’m hella short so it really was perfect. I could see the projector without people’s heads in the way 🙂 our table really did stand out a lot since we were the only ones who sat at the very back for a while lol, but I loved it.

19. “He’s standing on the table waving a big ass rope he tied to the gas pies, over the heads of the people in the class.”-my particle and wave physics prof. Yup. He was super funny. He used to dance around the room to explain particle movement. When it came time for waves, he legit tied a big ass rope to the gas pipes in out basement theatre and waved it over the theatre seats with students sitting in them lol. He was my astronomy 2 prof too.

20. “It’s literally in the middle of nowhere, education basement.”- my Canadian finance class. It was seriously in the middle of nowhere in the basement of education. The prof even sent an email with directions, which I didn’t see til after I got there hahaha.

21. “The fob is strong in here”- to get out of the basement I went through this hallway with a sign that said ENGLISH ONLY ZONE, and omg was the fob ever strong in that hallway.

22. “Dumb Kelsey”- only a couple people would understand this, but she definitely made personal finance a little more entertaining (not that Larry wasn’t already doing a good job hahaha)

23. “There are no dumb questions, if someone laughs I no kill you I kill them”- Thi Dinh. Yup, one of the best profs ever. He honestly doesn’t know my name still hahaha, he always called me by my last name. In the super small class I had with him, I was probably the only kid he didn’t know the first name of. He said it was because I looked Chinese but my name isn’t haha.

24. “How did we get an A-?”-complex analysis. Yup. Knew jack shit. BS’d assignments. Final was a paper. Got an A-. How? No one knows.

25. “Oooooooh. Study rooms. Wait. They’re reserved for engg kids….”-engineering kids got study rooms in the SCIENCE BUILDING! THE SCIENCE BUILDING! 

26. “That’s supposed to be a chicken?”- in first year I found out that this giant metal statue thing called the prairie chicken was supposed to be a chicken. Maybe it’s upside down…

27. “There are stairs here!?!”- there are lots of secret passages in the uni. I think the last time I used my favourite short cuts to PF from SH I was with jay….apparently no one knows about those stairs…

28. “The guy with the big head?”- karen should remember this. I’m pretty sure his name sounded like Fifi…

29. “Brownies!!”- I started bringing brownies for study sessions, and for san in the last semester of uni. I even got her to catch the bus on time in the morning some times! Brownies make the best negotiators.

30.”you’re graduating this year right?”- I never seem to remembers that san is a year younger than me, so I always ask her if she’s graduating at the same time as me. Then I remember that she’s younger than me lol (or she has to remind me). Memory of a god fish.

That sums up the better parts of my 4.5 years at uni. I didn’t really enjoy uni, but good profs, fun math, and amazing friends make it a little easier. Good luck to all my friends yet to graduate!! I’ll be here in the “real world” when you escape!


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