Cruelty free adventure


Hey guys, this post is essentially a life update, so if life isn’t interesting to you I suggest you don’t read on. This post is about my “CRUELTY FREE” adventure, including finding and avoiding products or entire companies that use/promote animal testing and slave/sweat shop labour.

So the first thing I really wanted to change was the brands I buy my makeup and skin care from, mostly because makeup and skin care can use a lot of chemicals that, when tested on animals may harm them even though they don’t harm us. Recently I haven’t bought too many products by brands I hadn’t researched in advance. Well, all except for one….

I had bought a new concealer (the NYC cosmetics 2 in 1 foundation/concealer) and was greatly disappointed in myself when I found out later that the company was in fact NOT cruelty free. Thanks to this blog post I found out that even though NYC cosmetic’s parent facility didn’t test on animals, their retailers in China did. Which is still a big no no for me.

I know it seems kinda stupid, that I’m buying the product from the parent facility that DOESN’T test on animals and it’s only in China that their products are tested, but that’s the thing. I don’t really know if the product I’m buying is being bought by third party retailers from the parent and not from another third party in China. That’s why I won’t be buying that brand any more.

So now that I can’t use my only concealer without feeling guilty, I have to go looking for a new one. I was interested in the Korean BB pacts and cushion foundations, but there is no way I’m making the same mistake twice (stupid NYC cosmetics).

The only big Korean cosmetic store where I live is The Face Shop (I could go to this other small cosmetics store downtown that also sells Asian cosmetics but that wont be until after I figure out which Asian brands are safe to buy), and The Face Shop sells quite a few brands. Now I mean I could just browse their site and see what I would buy then see if the brand was safe, but I’m lazy and would rather just figure out which brands are safe right away. So I looked it up. According to this blogger, who did some research on popular Korean brands, there aren’t too many I would buy from. Lots (if not all) Korean brands sell their product to China, which means that their product is being tested on animals either in Korea or in China before sale. Again, a big no no.

So much for Korean brands.

So now Korean cosmetics are pretty much out for me. What’s left?  Well, there’s always The Body Shop, LUSH, and Soap and Glory which are apparently cruelty free, but I mean who knows if the ingredients haven’t been tested. LUSH is probably my best bet since the products are made of natural ingredients. As soon as a product has chemicals in it, I’d have to assume that the chemical was cleared for human use by testing it on an animal.

Now I just have to look at clothing. I don’t mind too much the use of leather since the entire animal is being used (sounds bad I know), but real fur anything that it’s a real (breathing) furry animal is another thing. I was thinking about joining the thrifters and the hand makers, but that’ll be an adventure for later.

…omg was my cleaning stuff tested on animals?!?!?!?!


-runs off to check favourite cleaners-



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