So I was looking through my boxes of boxes of crap….


Yea, the ones for kids hee hee. But I got tiny ass hands so not surprisingly they still fit!! At the moment they be in my car so I can show off my swag to other drivers who look at my car and not at the road.

Anyway, before I get too ahead of myself, does anyone aside from me even still remember Kim Possible???

You know….KP….

Dis girl, always savin the world

kuro and kp



Ok well I’m old lol so maybe dem youngins don’t remember the days of good tv.

Ahhhhhh, just remembering the amazingness of that show makes me also remember how much I lived for the ass kicking heroine (still not a feminist promise. I’m more like a humanist….)

Good thing I managed to find copies of all 4 seasons and all the movies 🙂


2 thoughts on “So I was looking through my boxes of boxes of crap….

  1. LOL EFF YEAH KIM POSSIBLE. DAMN. I want photos of this. You can’t just blog about it without photos! Hhaa. Or just wear them the next time I see you. I’m pretty sure your hands will still fit it.

    • Hahahaha sure thing man, next time you’re in the car remind me. They just so happen to be my driving gloves lol. And they totally still fit my tiny baby hands hahahahaha

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