What I’ve noticed as a tutor…


Hey guys, so as most of you know already I went to uni for 5 years for a degree in mathematics. I intended to do something bigger with my degree and ended up as a contract tutor. Not exactly what I would consider a success for the amount of time and money I spent on my degree. This post is basically about my experiences as a tutor and what I’ve found being a tutor for several months now. It might be a rant but who knows…

As a graduate with no experience I was kind of surprised that I was hired on the spot to be a tutor, but then again apparently all you need to be a tutor is a degree in something and some sort of experience in helping people study.

Anther thing that surprised me was that I got my first client right away. I mean it didn’t start for a week, but I got a call to be their tutor about 10 minutes after my interview. I was asked to prep a student for their math finals. It wasn’t hard, but I’m “old” and the math at I learned when I was in grade school was evidently more intense than what the curriculum provides now. It’s not like the student I was tutoring wasn’t smart, and it’s prbly because I studied math is uni, but it felt like the curriculum didn’t really emphasize those skills. Really as a tutor (especially one from before any curriculum changes) you begin to see how students are becoming less and less academically achieving.

The new curriculum where I live is closer to what it was like when I was in school, but it still isn’t doing what it needs to to ensure the success of students in the future. The basics are being overlooked, and the essentials are being forgotten completely. It makes me worry for the students when some of the younger tutorees I’ve been working with don’t even know how to add properly.

Another thing that concerns me is the Language Arts levels of students. I know I’m not an English major, but I have been tutoring in English for a while as well as math, and the younger students that I have been working with have had the most trouble with Language arts. I don’t know if it’s the teachers, or the curriculum itself, but students seem to be missing the basics of English as well! By basics I mean, proper sentence structure, word tenses, proper word use, grammar, punctuation, and speech. Not to mention reading and writing skills. It’s all just really disappointing and worrisome.

I could seriously go on forever about how the educational system where I am, is letting down all the new generations and keeping them from reaching their full potential. However I’m sure that would be super boring, and would exceed the word limit on here if there is one. SO LET US MOVE ON!

Another thing that you realize as a tutor is that YOU DON’T WANT TO BE A TEACHER. I have thought about it before, the idea of going back to school to become a certified teacher was interesting to me as a backup plan, BUT NOW I definitely don’t want to teach. I don’t want to be a teacher of any sort, I don’t want to continue tutoring, I don’t want to teach anything. It’s not that it isn’t fun while I’m teaching, but I don’t enjoy doing it. If that even makes sense.

Honestly I feel that as a tutor for a company, the company should be offering a way for tutors to work with schools to promote learning, and provide extra one on one assistance to students. To me that would make more sense than just contracting tutors to do one on one in the student’s home. The school is somewhere safe for the kids, and tutors if they’re willing can stay after hours to help multiple students with whatever they’re having problems with. This would also help tutors who actually skill want to be teachers gain work hours, and experience. SO HIRE TUTORS AS TEACHING ASSISTANTS! Not only do you not have to pay us as teachers, we don’t need to be unionized!! Win win right? We get experience and a wage, and you get non professional teaching assistants to help educate the students.

But that’s just all ideas, dreams, and theories that wont be acknowledged by anyone on the education board. Oh well, guess you’ll just have to start teaching the students properly now. Starting with the basics to build a foundation, then building up to more advanced things.





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