Wanted to try straight up “painting” a drawing digitally, without drawing line art, and this is how it ended up. There are a couple more that I want to do, and maybe I’ll keep doing this kind of art for a while after that. I’ve been pulling images from fashion and clothing sites that I frequent as reference material. I recommend doing this for anyone looking to try a new style, and have nothing to use as drawing material. I don’t typically use my OCs to try new styles, because they have been created in the style they’re draw in to look that way specifically. This image took a ton of layers, and was kinda hard to draw since I’m not used to going without the line art as a guide, but all in all I think it turned out pretty good. I wasn’t going for realism or anything like that (cuz I can’t do realism very well lol), so I;m pleased to see that my cartoony style is still in there 🙂

happy drawing everyone! next one should be up in a few days….should be….


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