Inktober 2016 is here!


Well, almost here. There’s what, 2 days left of September? So, almost here. Anyway, because I am finally out of uni, and my job only requires me to work at the ass-crack of dawn, I have time to draw! This year will hopefully be better than last year…..hopefully. My desk has been a real mess as of late, but I just finished cleaning it up, so I would expect to be able to get full use of my artsy fartsy stuff for 2016. Last year all my art stuff was put away for uni, so all I had was school stuff (coloured pens, highlighters, that kind of stuff). THIS YEAR I have dragged out all my stuff, so MAYBE there will be some actual art (or just 31 days of Miraculous Ladybug fan art, specifically chat noir). I have also been experimenting with new styles, and have started to drift away from anything that looks to much like manga styled stuff. The more western, cartoony look appeals to me more, so that’s what I’m going with (also, it’s way easier for me to draw).

I have talked a friend into inktobering with me again this year, so it’ll be fun to draw of off them for inspiration when I lose my mojo. Although I have recently stumbled across an app in the Google Play Store, called “What To Draw”, which gives you drawing promts in the form of a phrase. It’s got different themes you can choose from like terror and steampunk. It’s pretty cool, and I’ll been going through it, taking down the phrases I want to use for inktober. The use of phrases gets the creative juices flowing, not just for drawing, but even story ideas. I definitely recommend this app to anyone in the creative field. It’s pretty handy.

Anyway, happy almost inktober guys! All my inktobers for this year, are going to be put into a pdf file in November some time for you guys. I was thinking it might work better than trying to put them all in one giant image file. Fingers crossed.


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