Inktober #16 (finally got to the turkey thing)

inktober 2016 16 002.jpgI also finally got around to buying some refills for my copic markers. Be proud. I left my house for something other than work, friends, and family.


3 thoughts on “Inktober #16 (finally got to the turkey thing)

  1. Ooh nice! Did you get the refills at kensington art supply store? LOL also I can’t remember what I suggested for this art prompt, but it looks great! hehe

    1. Something like a turkey and cooked turkey and shadow of sorts. I’m not quite sure I remember anymore either hahaha. Yea I went to the Kensington art store over by ikea, oooonnnnnnn some road I cant remember. We passed it last time we went. It’s HUUUUUUUUUUUGE. We should go together some day. They got some good prices for Japanese arts stuff. Compared to Michaels anyway :3

      1. Whooa there’s one near IKEA? that sounds like a great day trip. Ikea and art supplies. What could go wrong?
        Nothing. Nothing can. haha.
        I can’t wait to visit there. 😀

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