Girly Stuff #1 (guilty pleasures)


My guilty pleasures are pretty normal in general, good music and spending time to make myself as close to the social standard of pretty as possible (obviously its not that close,no makeup can hide my alien features).

Specifically, they’re a little weird. Country music, and dying my hair. Those are my guilty pleasures if you wanna be specific.

But who could blame me? Everyone’s got a soft spot for Garth Brooks right? It’s so comforting to me, reminds me of my childhood back in the day of actual music and very little of the shit kids listen to now. Reminds me of spending summers in Vulcan (yup, I’m a Vulcan), visiting the farm, running loose in the fields. The good old days. I mean, my forever love with be rock and death metal, but its good to go back to the stuff that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling when you have the urge to paint the walls red with the blood of your enemies. My go to is “When There’s None Around” by Garth Brooks. For lack of better words, it speaks to me.

The second one might be shared with everyone, dying my hair is another thing that gives me the warm fuzzies. It makes my hair feel soft and silky, plus the fresh purple makes me feel purdy. I use Garnier now, I used Vidal Sassoon before but it doesn’t last as long as Garnier does.

These are the colours I use religiously. They last pretty long, like 8 months or so. Gross fact, I only wash my hair once a week (but no worries, I do shower everyday). Its really dry where I live, so its hard on my stupid curly hair to be washing it so often.

So considering that bleaching is also just as hard on my dry hair, I go to Garnier to keep my purple hair without needing to bleach it. So if you ave dark hair, I would suggest looking into this brand.

I haven’t been keeping up with my hair since my last buzz, so tomorrow I’ll get to surprise my coworkers hahaha.


So that was my girly talk. There might be more. There might not be. It wasn’t really even that girly….


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