…Yup I lost everything…

lunaIt’s a good thing I put ALL of my art on my blog (even if I don’t use it in a post) cuz my external hard drive just died and it had almost everything on it, including my version of sai. So there wont be any digital drawing for a little while. I also lost a good chunk of my photographs….like all of them. I backed up some important stuff, like legal shit, but I didn’t have enough time to back up my pictures, and when I went to back those up, my drive wouldn’t turn on. So we (me and my dad) put it in his computer as an internal, cuz we all know my laptop would have died if I tried to plug that thing in as an internal drive, and it didn’t come back to life. So all of EVERYTHING is gone. I guess I’ll have to start printing all of my pictures (or at least the ones I love) so that I can keep them forever, cuz trying to save them digitally does fuck all for me apparently.

So that’s my life so far, how’s yours? A shit ton better than mine, cuz you didn’t just loose 12 years of pictures? Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed.

But really, now Imma start utilizing my cloud drives to save shit. I’ll lose the DVDs if I tried to back it up on a physical copy. But I mean, pictures I’ll have to save in several different places. I thought I has most of my pictures saved to my Google drive. But upon inspection I actually only have a few small folders. The pictures are important! It’s all from birthdays and get-togethers with the girls, so I’m really glad to at least have those. But I don’t have anything from camping or stuff like when I first got my cat.

There’s a lot of stuff that has already been backed up to my dad’s computer so it’s not like I’ve lost it all per say, but the newer stuff, like me attacking deer in the mountains is gonzo.

Guess I’ll just have to take more pictures of my cat to replace the ones I lost. She’s still majorly adorable so I’ll be able to replace all her captured cuteness is minutes. At the moment she’s sleeping on my prisma colour markers….so cute~

Same with my dog obviously, I’m just kinda sad that I lost some birthday stuff and family stuff. I don’t take a lot of pictures as it is, so really we aren’t talking about me losing┬ámy entire life because I’m dumb, but there were some good memories in there….

So, the lesson for today is don’t trust external hard drives to protect your EVERYTHING and back shit up either to the cloud, some other online storage, or DVDs every so often; especially after major trips or events!!

it’s a good thing I didn’t move anything from my camera or my phone yet……yeesh


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