Inktober 2017!



Rando #23 (I’M BACK! … digitally)

i'm back.jpg

Finally back to digital, honestly I could have come back to digital stuff sooner, but I wanted to upgrade my setup a little bit before I went back to SAI (sorry for all the inconsistent traditional stuff….I’m not very good at reproducing art that all looks the same style wise when I use paper haha).

BUT NOW I have a better system and a “newer” SAI set up so I’ll be testing that out for a little while. When I lost my version of SAI, all my brush settings went with it, so I don’t have the same brushes anymore. All my digital stuff might look a bit funky wunker beans for a while as I get used to it.

Also, just a heads up, I was planning to add “colouring pages” to my pdf art collections in the nearish future. I’m gonna test it out as individual posts first and just put them in the pdf when it gets done (hahaha…IF it gets done).

Rando #16 (cuz only got traditional art for now….)

Tangerine.jpgFun fact, this is actually a guy I used to ride the same train as back in uni. He doesn’t know me, and I only ever refer to him as tangerine, because he was wearing a tangerine coloured hoodie the first time I ever saw him. He was FUCKING HOT, or at least the first time we encountered each other he was. Then as the creeper I am, I watched him from a distance on the train and found out he liked to check himself out in the train windows….I’m p sure almost everyone does that, so no hate. But he checked his hair more than my girl friends combined so that was kinda…less attractive?? Idk, he’s still hot. Maybe all that window checking is part of his maintained hotness 🙂